Participating Nerium Brand Partners

The Gifted Bottles provided for this Pay It Forward Project are provided by active,  Nerium Brand Partners who also see the vision / value of allowing the public to try & experience NeriumAD for the first time. If you have always wanted to try Nerium but were not entirely sure, we would like to gift you the opportunity! We believe that once you try NeriumAD you will never want to be without it. Not only because of what it can do for your skin, above and beyond that fact alone, we represent a culture of people unlike any other you may have ever encountered! After all, our CEO is responsible for starting a Happiness Movement that is changing the lives of those whom it touches!


Our Participating Nerium Brand Partners:

*Susan Marie Z., Brand Partner ~ Yonkers, NY  ~


*Diane DeRuggiero, Brand Partner – Jefferson Valley, NY


*Brad Davis, Greenville SC ~


*Jason Buchner Charlotte NC~


If you are an active Brand Partner with Nerium and you are looking to participate in our Gift A Bottle campaign please contact us via the inquiry box below.

For additional information on how this outreach is conducted please visit:





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