Q. Where does the Bottle come from?

A. All legitimate bottles of NeriumAD, come from Nerium International, through Independant Brand Partners, such as myself and my associates, who are contributing to this initiative. In a cooperatve effort to help others in the Nerium business, whether in our downline, upline or not, we are co-operatively sharing with other partners who are looking to grow their business and give back. This allows for others to collect some leads, promote their Nerium business and also supply one of the many bottles that will be given away. The more Nerium Brand Partners that participate, the better it is for all of you, because,  that just means more FREE chances for FREE product! \0/ 

Physically, the bottle will be shipped to you, from somewhere in the United States,  via USPS standard mail with return receipt! Your shipment will include one factory packaged and shipped box of NeriumAD along with instructions on how to use it, which are very simple, included will be the business card and contact information for the Nerium Brand Partner who gifted you with your bottle. 

Q. Whats the catch?

A. Once you try NeriumAD, you will love it! The catch is that most people just want to know if it works, no better way to find out than to just “give”/”get” a bottle, try it and let the camera and the mirror do the talking! Sure, the person who sends you a FREE bottle gets another contact, but really what good is that?…You are more than just a name and a number, You are a Real person, with a real face and this is a Real product that delivers REAL results! You are important to us, Nerium would be nothing without a face to put it on.

Every single Brand Partner I have ever met, is truly passionate about this because the product is that incredible and the Company of people are the best of the best! 

Q. What happens if I win?

A. You will be notified via the methods of contact that you have supplied to us. After the name  is selected, (using a random line picker)  a call and an email will be sent to let you know that you are the fortunate winner! Once you call  us back, arrangements will be made to send the product to you directly. You wll be sent an agreement to sign and It only takes about 5-7 business days to arrive! The individual Brand partner that supplies your Bottle will require that you allow them to mention (your winning the FREE bottle) in their promotional materials.

You are required to follow the directions explicitly; taking a before picture (you may exclude your identifying features) and an after picture,(the picture should be in the same lighting, same pose and no more than 30 days apart). This photo must be sent to the distributor via email within 60 days of receiving the bottle.

You must agree to use the product every day, as directed. If for some reason you can not, you must contact the distributor who shipped you the complimentary bottle, or risk being billed.

You will be required to submit a copy of your US drivers license and credit card information. You will not be billed. If for some reason we do not hear back from you, receive pictures or any feedback, you will be charged for the full retail value of the bottle. The bottle you are receiving is not a sample, it’s a full, unopened bottle, valed at $120 us dollars. Some participating Brand Partners are using their inventory (which they pay for)  and others are using their bottles provided by Neriums re-stocking program. In either case these bottles are valuable and cost the Brand Partner money. We find it’s worth taking the risk to allow a few folks to try it at no cost, but it is not fair to the facilitating Brand Partner to send out a bottle and never receive a review, photos or potential new customer.

You are not obligated to become a customer but you are obligated to respect the nature of trust and fellowship that is being offered to you in exchange for a simple photo and some honest feedback


Q. What if I am just so happy that I won and loving the results, the product, the company, all of it?! What if I just want to re-enter to win another FREE bottle? Am I allowed?

A. If you find yourself referring to this question, you need to consider becoming a Preferred Customer or Independant Brand Partner! Our company restocks our inventory for us through various bonus’,  incentives and growth achievements. This is why we love this company and opportunity so much, it’s doing things for people on every level, that no one else and nothing else, ever has before! Basically, what that all boils down to is looking younger, helping people, having the most fun of your life and MORE free bottles of Nerium!

Best wishes toward the drawings!




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